So I thought I should get cracking on another pregnancy update before I have given birth and am no longer pregnant! Can you believe I’m almost 37 weeks! Actually, you probably can because you would have seen enough of the millions of bump shots I’m posting on Instagram! Well from this end at least, it has flown by!

It’s starting to feel very real and I’m as ready as I’ll ever be! I’ve had my baby shower, the last babymoon, antenatal classes, the nursery is finished and my schedule for the next few weeks is pretty much clear! It’s crazy to think that she could be here any day now. I have been speaking to mothers who casually tell me that their babies came two, three, four weeks early! Not to mention my mum had me at 35 weeks so it has always been in the back on my mind to be super prepared well ahead of due date. Although it doesn’t feel like she’ll be coming early, I am definitely grateful for each day she spends in there getting stronger and chubbier.

I thought I’d answer a couple of my most commonly asked questions starting with…


I don’t want to speak too soon but at least up until this stage I have managed to keep stretch marks away. I do believe that genetics play a big part in whether you will get them or not, but I definitely think that there are certain things that can be done to help minimise their severity. Keeping the skin hydrated with creams and oils – I’ve tried quite a few different ones but the winner for me was Bio Oil which contains an ingredient that reduces the thickness of the oil so it can be easily absorbed into the skin. The others were too thick and I found it exhausting trying to rub them in. You want something that’s going to be an easy addition to your routine so you are happy to use it consistently (at least twice a day). Drinking lots of water and including plenty of good fats and antioxidants into your diet is said to help prevent stretch marks too.

And if you do get stretch marks, who cares!! It’s a small price to pay for the blessing of being able to create a life, I say!


I wouldn’t exactly call myself fit right now, but I can tell you how I’m staying active. I’m doing pretty much exactly what I did before I fell pregnant, but I alter the intensity based on how I’m feeling. It’s important to keep active during pregnancy but super important not to over do it. I’m walking most days, previously up to an hour but lately half an hour feels like more than enough, plus there’s now the situation of needing to pee every 30 mins so it helps to get home in time for that!

Apart from walking, I’m doing light weights at the gym a couple of times a week or just stretching and doing pilates based movements on my bedroom floor.

But that is just me and absolutely everybody is different. I had been pretty tame with my workouts leading up to my pregnancy so changing my routine to something more intense would be totally out of the question. But take my best friend Chontel Duncan for instance, she was an absolute machine doing Muay Thai HIIT training throughout her whole pregnancy, but that was fine for her because that’s what she has always done. Generally, you should be able to continue the same type of exercise you were doing before your pregnancy if you’re feeling up to it, but always check with you doctor first!!

My friend Katie Dickens (a fitness professional) recently published a blog post with a few important tips on working out while pregnant. I highly recommend you read it here!

Anyway, I’m dying to show you baby’s nursery so I’m going to go take some photos of it now so I can post them this week!

Thanks for reading! xoxo

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  • Stéfani

    Hi, I´m from Brazil. I´ve been following you since 2 months ago. I´m also preagnant, 39 weeks tomorrow. You look great. Loving following you. Looking foward to your baby´s nursery post.