Hello friends! Well, as you would know if you were lead here via my Instagram, I’m pregnant! Quite pregnant actually, 32 weeks, so I do have a little bit to fill you in on!!

I just wanted to start off by saying how much I appreciate all of the kind and supportive comments I’m receiving. It just blows my mind what my body is doing right now and I love being able to share my excitement with you all!


It’s funny how for so many years you put so much energy into not falling pregnant, then one day you realise you’re married and almost 30! I always said wanted to have my first child around this age, but I guess I thought being 28 would feel older.

Serkan wanted kids before we even got engaged and I promised him that once we got married we would start trying. After our wedding in May I still didn’t feel completely ready, only because work had started picking up so we were smashing our mortgage and the thought of saying goodbye to that kind of money was scary. You don’t get paid maternity leave as a model! Plus I hadn’t been taking my prenatal vitamins. I conveniently had a few months of my contraceptive pill supply left so I suggested to Serkan that I finish that off while I load up on folate then we’ll just “see what happens”.

Well, as soon as I had finished the last of those pills, I didn’t want to just “see what happened”. What if I didn’t get my cycle back? What if it took years to fall pregnant? What if I couldn’t fall pregnant? I was all of a sudden very ready and I wanted my baby, now!

Having just come off the pill and not knowing what my natural cycle would be or when I would ovulate had hubby and I going at it every single day, you know, just in case. I took quite a few pregnancy tests when I thought I should have been due but they all came back negative which of course was a bit disheartening. I guess it was just going to take some time, and (according to my GP) putting on at least 8kgs to have any hope of getting my cycle back.

Wrong! Little did we know, despite the negative home test results, I was actually already pregnant! I hadn’t been drinking the whole time while we were trying just in case I did fall pregnant, but I had given up thinking it would happen so quickly and
was about to head out for a few cocktails one night. Luckily I decided to do one last pregnancy test before walking out the door… and BOOM positive.


Would you believe the very next day I had to head overseas for a shoot. One week alone without hubby to process the situation. I was over the moon of course but I was scared shitless about whether I was taking good enough care of my little seed sized human. Saying no to wine at dinner with the crew because I was on a ‘detox’ but then eating only pizza and hot chips because I wasn’t sure what was safe to eat, especially being in a foreign country. Was I even pregnant? What If that one test was wrong and I was all excited for no reason? It was confusing, and exhausting.

The whole first trimester was pretty exhausting. I was so lucky to have hardly any sickness but working as I normally would and not being able to explain to people why I was so fatigued, bloated and emotional with a face full of acne was annoying.


The second trimester for me was a breeze. People were now aware of my pregnancy and cutting me the slack that I no longer needed. I felt amazing, my skin had cleared up, had all of my energy back and was keen to work, but there was one little issue, I now had a belly. It was tiny, and probably something you could conceal for a lot longer in any other job, but not so much in the modelling industry!

I’ve started helping out in the office with the family business to keep myself useful but I have been so lucky to have this time to take it easy and really enjoy my pregnancy surrounded by so much love and support from our families.


My husband is the freakin’ best! Not only has he matured about 10 years since I fell pregnant, he has been over the top supportive. He has done the whole pregnancy diet with me. Not a sip of alcohol, no raw meat or fish, no runny eggs etc. All his idea, not mine. He fasts with me if I need to for a blood test and I think if he could carry the baby for me and give birth he would. He massages me every day, cooks, cleans and is constantly telling me what a great job I’m doing. He calms me when I start to melt down about no longer fitting the size 10 bikini bottoms in the change room of a swimwear store and fetches me the few sizes up that I need and tells me I’m beautiful. He has been reading baby books and is just so excited to be a dad. It absolutely melts my heart to see him kissing and talking to his little princess inside my belly. I feel ridiculously spoiled but it really has made pregnancy much easier and so damn enjoyable. He is going to be incredible, I feel so blessed!


Okay, so I’m feeling pretty ready now! So far I’m still feeling great although definitely starting to feel the physical restrictions of having a tiny human living inside me.  I absolutely love feeling each little movement and even the odd jab to the ribs. Nesting is in full swing and the nursery is almost finished. As eager as I am to meet my little one, I am just loving every second of this experience. Although the journey is not over, I couldn’t be more grateful for this healthy and uneventful pregnancy (touch wood).

I also just want to make a quick note in regards to those lovely comments that I have received on my pregnancy photos. For every flattering photo I post, there are many unflattering ones to go with it that remain locked deep in my camera roll. I’ve always felt most comfortable posting my better angles to Instagram so that is not going to change now haha but just keep that in mind before you compare yourself to these or anyone else’s photos.

More posts to come on topics such as
How I’m staying active
How I’m dressing my bump
Nursery progress
Baby shower etc!

If there’s anything else in particular you want me to cover, let me know! I’m certainly no expert but I’m more than happy to share my thoughts and experiences!

Lots of love, Mish xx

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  • Firdaus Timamy

    WoW! Just WoW. You make pregnancy look amazing. You and your hubby are an inspiration to me and many, I’m sure!
    Congratulations on your incredible journey.

  • Matilda Rodgers

    Aw congratulations Mish, this was such a good read! You probably don’t know me from the agency but I’ve been so excited for you since Ash told me at a show! Good luck for the rest of your pregnancy xx

  • Melek

    Congratulations!! You are glowing and look incredibly beautiful. I’m currently pregnant too, only one week apart. Can you please share what you eat on a daily basis to keep healthy? Good luck on the rest of your pregnancy journey 🙂

  • Lara

    Congratulations!❤?? Your pregnancy journey seems similar with my story, but I’m just 21:) However, in order for me to get pregnant, or get my cycle back, I need to gain at least 8 kgs which I don’t want… I don’t want to gain weight but I’m not healthy at all at this BMI. Can you please write about these kind of health and weight stuff please.. Thanks a lot!!❤?

  • Olivia

    How did your acne clear up? i have had it since I came off the pill (8months ago) and I am now 3 months pregnant and still have it 🙁 …. any tips on what to do or just wait it out? Also on Erythromycin antibiotics not clearing it up 🙁 x

    • Michelle Alan

      Hi Olivia,
      Mine seemed to clear up on its own. It’s hard to know if the breakouts were from coming off the pill or from being pregnant because it all happened around the same time. Although it did clear up around the 3 month mark my skin is definitely not 100% back to normal but I guess that’s just to be expected with all the crazy pregnancy hormones. I also started paying more attention to my skin care routine and am using the Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions foam cleanser and toner which I really think works for me (when I run out of it and stop using it for a few days I break out). The sales girl told me it was safe to use while pregnant but to be honest I haven’t done much other research on it.
      Best of luck with your pregnancy!! xx

  • Ana Secrian

    How much weight did you gain? 🙂 you look amazing!